Tri.be shocked by Shinsadong Tiger’s death “Will their comeback schedule be completely stopped?”

Girl group Tri.be fell into sadness as they made their comeback. This was due to the news of the death of their producer Shinsadong Tiger (real name Lee Ho-yang)

Shinsadong Tiger passed away on Feb 23rd. The agency told Ilgan Sports on the same day, “The news of Shinsadong Tiger’s death is true. We received news of his death a short while ago. We will inform you of future matters such as funeral once they are organized.”

Tri.be was deeply shocked by the death of Shinsadong Tiger. Shinsadong Tiger was the producer who brought Tri.be into existence, and he wrote and composed the song “Diamond” for Tri.be, which recently made a comeback with their second mini album “W.A.Y”.


During their comeback showcase on Feb 20th, Tri.be shared details of the specific working process and expressed their gratitude, “We received frequent feedback from Producer Shinsadong Tiger. When there were unfamiliar pronunciations, he would directly record and send them to us, providing advice.”

Tri.be performed their comeback stage on KBS2’s “Music Bank” on that day, but it was revealed that this was before they received the news of Shinsadong Tiger’s death. Although they were scheduled to perform on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” and SBS’s “Inkigayo” in the future, fulfilling these scheduled appearances has become practically difficult due to Shinsadong Tiger’s passing.

Shinsadong Tiger

The agency refrained from commenting on Tri.be’s future schedule, stating, “We will inform you once everything is sorted out.

Shinsadong Tiger was found dead at his residence in Seoul, but specific details about the cause of death have not been confirmed.

Shinsadong Tiger was a hitmaker composer and producer who produced numerous hit songs such as T-ara’s “Roly-Poly”, Apink’s “NoNoNo”, “Remember”, EXID’s “Up & Down”, “DDD” and Momoland’s “BBoom BBoom”. He launched Tri.be and continued to work on music with them until recently.

Source: Daum

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