The value of BLACKPINK’s outfits on their Japanese stage

Recently, BLACKPINK stunned the viewers with impressive looks and expensive outfits during their performance on the Summer Festival stage in Japan.

On August 20, BLACKPINK performed at the Music Station’s Summer Festival in Japan. In particular, this was the first time a performance of “Lovesick Girls Japanese Ver” was introduced to the viewers. The appearance of the girls made the public and fans extremely excited. The members’ girl crush outfits on stage were one of the highlights of BLACKPINK’s performance.

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The youngest member Lisa became the focus of attention with a long black wig. Fans suspect that she probably wanted to hide her real hair color to prepare for the upcoming solo debut. 

In this performance, Lisa chose to highlight her outfit with an expensive corset top that costs $818, coordinated with a T-shirt and shorts. This helps her to have a bold but still refreshing overall look. She also wore platform boots from Dr. Martens that are priced at $180. The total value of Lisa’s outfit is $1407, which is quite modest.

Recently, the “Australian sweetheart” has constantly been promoting highteen fashion styles. Rosé appeared with an extremely cute and dynamic double ponytail. She also wore a white-collar shirt from the brand Alessandra Rich priced at $819 and a gray-blue crystal argyle vest that is worth $575 to help create a perfect overall look.

Jisoo made fans go crazy for her outstanding beauty in this performance. She wore a long-sleeve blue shirt with a crop top, which was adapted from another dress by their stylists. One more time, fans were amazed at how the stylists of YG transformed other clothes into BLACKPINK’s outfits.

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Like Lisa, Jisoo also chose a pair of black boots costed $88,00 to complete her outfit. Especially, she continues to match her clothes with a Dior necklace of $1450.

Jennie once again showed off her posh look. This “human Chanel” idol wore a luxury necklace that worths about $2,450. She appeared in a green striped dress of €785 and highlighted her set of clothes with a $1,250 Chanel belt.

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In addition, Jennie chose a pair of Kot Footwear trainers, which worths £40.00 to suit the energetic vibe of the costume. Therefore, Jennie has paid up to $4,651 for the whole outfit.

It’s been a long time since their last comeback; the 4 girls of BLACKPINK still burnt the stage with the most exciting performance ever. Not only their amazing performance but their outstanding visuals also made their fans go crazy. Therefore, fans expect BLACKPINK to do more promotions in Japan to boost their influence and reputation.

The appearance of BLACKPINK in the Japanese market has rapidly attracted great attention from fans and the public. Moreover, the wig that Lisa put on to conceal her real hair color has aroused the curiosity of fans. As a result, fans are all looking forward to her solo debut.

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