Former DSP’s employee revealed April Hyun Joo’s private life?

Netizens reacted after Mr. A who introduced himself as a former DSP staff had created an Instagram account and exposed the face of April’s Lee Hyun Joo.   

HyunjooOn 23 April, Mr. A posted about April’s Lee Hyun Joo on his Instagram account. In the post, Mr. A said “I’m an employee who worked at DSP since they were trainees. Because everyone believes in your ridiculous lies so now you feel as if the world is only around you. So now I’m writing this to reveal the truth.”

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Mr. A said “You entered DSP as an actor position, but the company suddenly created a group called April after you got plastic surgery. You didn’t want to be a part of the girl group. Even after the debut, you were still busy hanging out with your boyfriend.” 

Mr A exposed Lee Hyun Joo’s unprofessional attitude. “There is a time when the company and the members cried and looked for you, but actually you were with your boyfriend”

At the end of the writing, Mr. A warned that “Do you know OOO? If you try to spread false facts again, I will reveal the real name of your ex-boyfriend and more dirty truths about you.”

Currently, this post has been deleted, and the temporary account created by Mr. A has also disappeared.

However, this quickly spread on the internet. Netizens responded negatively to the article. “What a shock if it’s true”, “Unconfirmed information” and “This is a defamation.”

Source: Dispatch

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