NCT Haechan suspends schedule due to heart palpitations and difficulty breathing

SM has just announced that NCT member Haechan is suspending his schedule due to health reasons, making fans worried.

On the afternoon of January 6, SM Entertainment announced that NCT Haechan was temporarily suspending the schedule to rest and receive medical treatment.  Haechan will be absent from activities with NCT next week.  NCT’s current busy promotion schedule makes fans worried.

NCT Haechan
Haechan NCT has to temporarily suspend schedules for health treatment

According to the announcement, Haechan recently experienced symptoms of irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, and went to the hospital with his manager for consultation and health check.  Haechan is recommended to rest and recuperate.  Specifically, Haechan will be absent from the group’s next week schedule.

haechan candy
Haechan is still promoting the song Candy with NCT Dream

In addition to Mark Lee, Haechan is also a member of many subgroups such as NCT Dream, NCT 127, and NCT U. Currently, Haechan is promoting the new song “Candy” with NCT Dream and carrying out many schedules.  Besides, NCT 127 is about to make a comeback in January, Haechan and the members inevitably run a tight schedule and do not get enough time to rest.  This made his fans angry.

nct 127
NCT127 is about to make a comeback in January

This is not the first time NCT has a member absent from the schedule due to health problems.  Before that, Jaehyun also had a similar situation, Mark Lee also spoke about his exhaustion during the group’s comebacks.

Netizens’ comments:

  • Haechan once said “I forgot how to rest”. 
  • Mark also honestly said he’s exhausted, why not listen to their artists??
  • Haechan and Mark were really tired, and worked until they couldn’t do it anymore

Source: k14

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