This actress in “The Glory” is almost 40 years old, boasting a youthful image besides Song Hye Kyo 

The actress is sure to have the most juvenile image among the cast of “The Glory.” 

Apart from the suspenseful and compelling storyline, “The Glory Part 2” is also lauded for their apt choice of the younger and older selves of a character. Two lines of characters, in past and present, show a continuity between their appearances and acting. Moon Dong Eun’s former bestfriend and another victim of the bullying, Kim Gyeong Ran, draws particular attention for an almost identical versions of her younger and older selves. Some viewers thought they were played by one person to indicate how Gyeong Ran decides to “stop” growing old due to the torments she endured. 

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Playing the almost-40s Gyeong Ran is actress Ahn So Yo. Her juvenile appearance distiguishes herself from her peers, such as Moon Dong Eun and Yeon Jin’s highschool clique. In contrast to her appearance, Ahn So Yo is actually 36 years old in real life, much older than the actors playing the tormentors. Nonetheless, it is thanks to her figure and visuals that make her much younger than she is. 

At the age of 36, Ahn So Yo only has 4 years of experience in acting. Her notable works include “Beautiful World,” “Hospital Playlist,” “I Have Not Done My Best Yet” and, most recently, “The Glory”.

Source: K14 

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