NCT Dream makes a comeback with the full lineup after 3 years, setting a record that even BTS has yet to do

The explosive performance of the SM male group – NCT Dream made people surprised.

At 6 p.m. on May 10, NCT Dream officially returned with MV Hot Sauce and the first full album of their career.  In particular, all 7 members of NCT Dream have returned after the oldest Mark was absent for nearly 3 years.  Immediately, Hot Sauce stirred Kpop with a series of impressive achievements.

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After just 1 minute of release, the song Hot Sauce of NCT Dream has reached the milestone of 10 thousand likes on Melon – Korea’s leading music chart.  This lightning-fast speed helped them to set a historical record.  For the first time, there is a song reaching 10,000 likes within 1 minute on Melon.

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Not stopping there, also on the Melon front, the songs in NCT Dream’s Hot Sauce album simultaneously debuted at the 3 highest real-time charts, helping the group get All-kill achievements.  The number of unique listeners of the title track Hot Sauce also reached 60,813 after 1 hour, ranking 3 compared to the male groups, competing directly with the songs of BTS.

Previously, Hot Sauce recorded a total of 1,716,571 pre-orders (as of May 9), up 243% compared to the previous album.  This is also the highest pre-order record of all time for an SM group.

The title track “Hot Sauce” is a hip hop song with chill vibes and unique vocals. It also includes catchy chanting in the chorus. The lyrics express NCT Dream’s confidence in showing their charms that are strong but irresistible like hot sauce.

Source: K14

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