“My Demon” releases teaser video “Kim Yoo-jung and Song Kang’s fluttering height difference”

Kim Yoo-jung begins a fantasy-like encounter with Song Kang

On Oct 12th, a teaser video for “My Demon” was uploaded on the SNS channel “SBS Drama”.

“My Demon” follows the contract marriage between the devilish conglomerate heiress Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) and the demon Jung Koo-won (Song Kang) who lost his powers for a moment that gives finite happiness and leads to hell.

My Demon

The video begins with a rainy day as backdrop. Koo-won holds an umbrella, sheltering Do Do-hee even though he gets wet. The two lock eyes, and the short video ends.

Netizens reacted positively with comments like “The meeting of two face geniuses“, “Can’t wait“, “Such a fantastic combination“…

“My Demon” will be the last work in 2023. Kim Yoo-jung previously mentioned, “It’s an interesting work with attractive characters and story. I’m enjoying the filming with excitement because I think I can show a new side that I haven’t shown before.” She also asked viewers to spend the last part of 2023 with “My Demon”.

Song Kang expressed, “I’m happy to be part of ‘My Demon’, and I’m working hard to meet expectations. Please show a lot of interest and anticipation.”

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “My Demon” will air as a follow-up to “The Escape of the Seven”. It will premiere at 10 PM on Nov 24th.

Source: Daum

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