‘My Dearest’ Releases Still Cuts Of Namkoong Min & Ahn Eun-jin Enjoying Nolstagic Moments

“My Dearest” Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin immerse themselves in beautiful memories

The production team of MBC’s Fri-Sat drama “My Dearest” unveiled new still cuts of Lee Jang-hyun (Namkoong Min) and Yoo Gil-chae (Ahn Eun-jin) with a hear-fluttering atmosphere ahead of the new broadcast on November 4th. 

The pictures show Lee Jang-hyun and Yoo Gil-chae standing side by side and looking at something on a dark evening. In their sight, the best pansori signer of Joseon Ryang-eum (Kim Yun-woo) is singing.

my dearest

Before the Manchu War broke out, Lee Jang-hyun and Yoo Gil-chae went together on a ferry boat. At that time, Yoo Gil-chae dressed up like a man and listened to Ryang-eum singing with Lee Jang-hyun. Moved by Ryang-eum’s song, Yoo Gil-chae expressed her happiness without hesitation. Seeing Yoo Gil-chae’s pure and honest appearance, Lee Jang-hyun found his heart pounding. It was a very precious memory for both of them.

Time passed. Lee Jang-hyun and Yoo Gil-chae have overcome many death-threatening crises in the Manchu War. The situation also changed, but their feelings for each other have become more affectionate. As such, viewers are curious about the conversation they will have when looking back on their memories together and what will happen to their love and face in the next episodes.

my dearest

In this regard, “My Dearest” production team hinted, “In episode 17, which is scheduled to air today (November 4th), Lee Jang-hyun and Yoo Gil-chae will face the whirlwind of fate once again after their reunion in Hanyang. Through this event, the two reveal the sincere thoughts that they couldn’t confess in Shenyang. Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin will delicately portray the overwhelming emotions of Lee Jang-hyun and Yoo Gil-chae. Please pay attention to what the two can do for love and their loved ones.”

The new episode will air at 9:50 p.m. on November 4th.

Source: Nate

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