“Money Heist” actress Jeon Jong-seo reveals Lovestagram moment with her lover Lee Chung-hyun for the first time

Actress Jeon Jong-seo and her Lovestagram with her boyfriend – director Lee Chung-hyun is currently a hot topic.

Jeon Jong-seo uploaded a photo on her Instagram at dawn on June 19th.


The actress drew attention by revealing a two-shot selfie taken with her boyfriend Lee Chung-hyun. In the released picture, the two wore comfortable clothes and glasses, giving off the vibe of an ordinary couple.

In particular, Jeon Jong-seo publicly showed off her affection for Lee Chung-hyun by adding a heart emoticon in her caption.

Jeon Jong Seo

Fans gave enthusiastic responses, such as “Wow. Lovestagram”, “You two look so lovely together”, “Their love is on fire”, “Amazing”, “I’m rooting for you”, “What a cute couple”, etc.

Jeon Jong-seo and director Lee Chung-hyun developed into lovers after working together on Netflix’s movie “The Call”, which was released in 2020. The two recently announced another collaboration in the upcoming movie “Ballerina”. 

Jeon Jong Seo

Meanwhile, Jeon Jong-seo will appear as Tokyo in Part 1 of Netflix’s new original series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” and greet the viewers around the world. “Money Heist” will be released on June 24th. 

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