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Mnet survival shows: From “I-LAND” to “Produce 101”, which has the best dorm?

As “Boys Planet”, the follow-up of “Girls Planet 999”, is about to start, many people are bringing up past survival shows produced by Mnet. 

Survival show is a common element for Kpop fans, and Mnet is a notorious producer of such  programs. Most groups that debuted from Mnet’s survival shows would attain great success, and over time, the budget for future shows also seem to have improved. 

Mnet is a notorious survival show producer 

By the end of 2022, Mnet has kick-started promotions for “Boys Planet”, the follow-up of “Girls Planet 999”, which lead to the debut of Kep1er. In teaser videos, the dorm of “Boys Planet” took a lot of viewers by surprise. 

Boys Planet dorm
The dormitory of “Boys Planet” is drawing attention 

In particular, the dormitory of “Boys Planet” is based in Daewoong Management Development Institute, which is located in Yongin Gyeonggi-do. The complex can accommodate 300-500 people, and is fully equipped with all necessary utilities. 

Boys Planet dorm
The gorgeous dormitory of “Boys Planet” 
Boys Planet dorm
Participants of the show get to stay in a large complex with a lot of greens

Furthermore, there are also canteens, stores, and gyms at the dorm. Mnet also provides contestants with delicious and nutritious meals 3 times a day, causing people’s mouths to water. 

Boys Planet dorm
There are canteens and gyms at the dorm
Boys Planet dorm
Mnet also provides “Boys Planet” contestant with delicious and nutritious meals 
Boys Planet dorm
An image believed to the the inside of “Boys Planet” dormitory 
Boys Planet dorm
The halls that lead to each bedroom

According to these photos, “Girls Planet 999” and “Boys Planet” dorms seem to have the same utilities. Contestants get their own single bed with separate lockers, instead of bunk beds like in other programs. 

girls Planet dorm
The fully-furnished dormitory in “Girls Planet 999”

Back in 2020, Mnet worked with HYBE and CJ E&M to produce the survival show “I-LAND”. At the time, I-LAND’s living quarters were a huge topic of discussion.

In particular, the dorm of I-LAND boasted large-sized beds with the best furniture. There was even a massage chair for trainees to relax throughout the competition. 

I-LAND dorm
The well-equipped dormitory in “I-LAND”

These new dormitories cause a lot of audiences to recall the “Produce 101” days. In particular, “Produce” contestants are always cramped into small rooms with bunk beds, some of which are placed on top of large wardrobes. Here, the trainees have no privacy and extremely little space to move. 

The tiny room in dormitories of the “Produce” series 

Seeing this, a lot of people feel pity for the participants of “Produce”. At the same time, they cannot help but feel for the trainees who had to endure all sorts of hardships and obstacles to pursue their dreams. 

Produce dorm
Produce dorm

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