Minnie, Yuqi, Shuhua Sick, Jeon So-yeon Criticized, Song Banned: (G)I-DLE Is Facing Various Difficulties

G)I-DLE is at stake. Minnie, Yuqi, Shuhua are sick, and leader Jeon So-yeon is being criticized,

On February 8th, (G)I-DLE‘s agency Cube Entertainment announced member Shuhua recently visited the hospital due to poor health conditions and needed sufficient stability and rest. “Shuhua showed a strong commitment to her activities, but the company decided to suspend all schedules for the time being so that she could focus on stabilizing and treatment and recovering her health,” it added.

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This is not the first health issue of (G)I-DLE members. Three members have already suffered from health problems related to the activities of their second full-length album “Two.” Earlier on the 26th of last month, Minnie and Yuqi were diagnosed with dyspareunia and fever, and their schedule was suspended accordingly. Minnie and Yuqi returned late after the break and joined the group’s activities, but this time Shuhua stopped her activities due to health problems.


This promotion is very important for (G)I-DLE as an important milestone for (G)I-DLE to establish themselves as top girl groups. Unfortunately, (G)I-DLE is not in a good condition. It has caused public disappointment in its efforts to deal with the controversy over the song “Wife”’s sexual lyrics controversy. Some say that the song does not have an age limit, which could have an adverse effect on underage young people. KBS ruled the song “Wife” ineligible for broadcasting, citing “excessively sensationalized lyrics.”

However, Jeon So-yeon, who created the song, chose not to be humble in accepting the public’s opinions and giving feedback. As Jeon announced, the lyrics of “Wife” have not been changed, and the original song is still being streamed. Controversy over over sexualization among idol groups that have a big influence on teenagers has to be taken very sensitively, but she has only chosen stubbornness. Cube Entertainment, her agency, also faltered over “Wife” by stating that it is a song that has nothing to do with broadcasting activities. Jeon’s choice seems to have negatively affected the image of (G)I-DLE.

Source: TenAsia

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