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Beating No.2 “Hangout With Yoo” and No.3 “My Little Old Boy”… “Running Man” topped the July Variety Show Brand Reputation rankings

The Brand Reputation rankings of the entertainment programs in July were announced. “Running Man” topped the list.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute analyzed 93,014,648 brand big data from 50 entertainment programs loved by the public from June 3rd to July 3rd and announced the rankings of the “July Entertainment Program Brand Reputation“.

According to the result, SBS’ “Running Man” topped the list. It was followed by MBC’s “Hangout With Yoo“, SBS’ “My Little Old Boy“, MBC’s “I Live Alone” and KBS’ “National Singing Contest”.

No.1 “Running Man” (Brand Reputation Index: 4,148,698) took first place by overwhelmingly defeating No.2 “Hangout With Yoo” (4,084,398) and No.3 “My Little Old Boy” (3,938,968).

Goo Chang-hwan, director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, said, “In the link analysis of No.1 ‘Running Man’, ‘appear, confess, disclose’ came out highly. ‘Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, Jo Se-ho’ were analyzed highly in the keyword analysis. In the positive-negative ratio analysis, the positive ratio was analyzed at 81.69%.

Top 30 Entertainment Program Brand Reputation rankings in July:

Source: wikitree

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