Han Bo Reum couldn’t date for 4 years after saying her ideal type doesn’t drink nor smoke

In a recently-published video, actress Han Bo Reum revealed that she hasn’t been in a relationship for 4 years.

On June 27th, a Q&A video featuring Han Bo Reum was published on Han Bo Reum’s YouTube channel, “BoRoomming”. 

Here, Han Bo Reum recalled a recent incident and said, “I had a severe case of enteritis. My immune system weakened, and I went to the hospital more than three times for over a week, but I didn’t recover. I was in so much pain.” 

han bo reum

The actress also mentioned that it took her 3 hours to get hair and makeup done for the day, and mentioned her diet, saying, “Since I’ve been working on a project for a long time, I try not to gain weight. I like sweet things so much. I don’t overeat, but when I do eat a lot, I think I receive help from it. I’m afraid of procedures, so I take separate supplements.”

In addition, Han Bo Reum honestly revealed that she is working hard on stretching and playing tennis, and so is losing weight.

Afterwards, when asked about her ideal type, Han Bo Reum said, “I like someone reliable. Someone who can protect me and do everything for me, someone who can embrace me”, adding, “I once said my ideal type was a person who doesn’t drink or smoke, and as a result, I couldn’t date for four years.”

Finally, the actress mentioned that she considers herself a planner (Type J in MBTI) and revealed that she writes down all her plans in her phone’s memo app.

“I write a lot of memos regularly. I get stressed when my plans go awry,” she said while showing the densely filled memo stored in her phone.

Source: Nate 

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