A female idol who debuted 3 times, once prepared for a comeback herself because the company staff quit one by one

Despite winning 1st place on “The Unit”, this female idol struggled to succeed. 

Euijin, a former member of SONAMOO and UNI.T made her solo debut earlier this year under the new stage name Hezz. Recently, she was a guest on the Kpop Idol Olympic program to promote her new solo song “Churup!”. This is Hezz’s first guest appearance as a solo singer. Here, she revealed what happened after winning 1st place on the idol survival show “The Unit” and the full story behind SONAMOO’s disbandment.


SONAMOO debuted under TS Entertainment in 2014 with 7 members. After their debut, the group never received any proper support from the company, which made the members feel desperate. In 2017, TS Entertainment even opened a crowdfunding project to fund SONAMOO’s comeback.

SONAMOO’s debut lineup

After SONAMOO’s comeback in the summer of 2017, Hezz was confirmed to join “The Unit” as a contestant. The show gave unpopular idols another chance to showcase their talents and debut again if they made it into the final lineup. 

Hezz’s outstanding talent and charm helped her win first place and earn a position in the project girl group UNI.T. This was expected to be Hezz’s opportunity to rise to fame and a chance for SONAMOO to be known to more people, but in reality, it was not.

Hezz in the UNI.T lineup (4th from left)

As Hezz was busy with “The Unit”, secret endeavors have unfold at her company. In particular, as she came back, eager for another venture with SONAMOO, the remaining members were already seeking for other gigs and planning new careers, after feeling hopeless with their group’s future.

According to Hezz, her entire group felt this way for around 10 months, as company staffs resigned one by one. At the time, SONAMOO tried to suggest alternative measures, such as sub-units or solo-promotions, and Hezz even planned out their possible comeback down to every detail, from hairstyling to MV production, hoping to add a hand amid the lack of staff.

Hezz’s plan, however, only came to fruition 2 years later, with the release of SONAMOO’s 2019 single “Promise You”, this time without members Sumin and Nahyun. The song was only released in a digital format, with no MV nor promotional activities, and Hezz admitted that this was their final product as SONAMOO officially disbanded last year.

The final lineup of SONAMOO before their unfortunate disbandment

Then, Hezz was asked if she still remains in contact with former group members, to which she replied positively that they sometimes talk. As a matter of fact, the female idol recently filmed the “Churup!” TikTok dance challenge with previous SONAMOO members D.ana and NewSun.

Source: K14, Koreaboo

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