Mina (AOA) spoke about the identity of the male celeb who sexually assaulted her, netizens are mad with the “plot twist”

Mina (AOA) has clarified some information regarding the incident, but the public has responded harshly to her action

 Yesterday (March 8), the public was shocked by the news of Mina (former member of AOA) accusing a male celebrity of sexually assaulting and beating the female idol when she was in middle school. Netizens have been extremely angry with this information and immediately searched for the identity of this male celebrity, based on the details that he is 1-2 years older than Mina and comes from Busan.

 However, until today (March 9), former idol Mina has shocked the public again when she confirmed that her sexual attacker is in fact… not a celebrity.  Mina said, “I was going to sleep all day, but I received a lot of messages in the morning. I saw articles saying it was a famous male senior. However, it wasn’t like that“.

 Mina said more specifically about the male who sexually assaulted her: “That person was about 1 or 2 years older than me, born in 1992 or 1991. Famous here means he was a famous bully in the area back then. He’s not a public figure known all over the country. I don’t even know what he’s doing now.

 There have been many criticisms, disagreeing with Mina’s unclear statement, causing many celebrities from Busan to be involved, rumored to be the person in her story. But there is also a theory that there was a force behind that made Mina correct what she said because of the male celebrity’s reputation. Reflecting on what Mina said “if I share his name, you will know”, netizens said that this person could not just be a well-known bully in the area, but a public figure.

 Finally, the former AOA member emphasized that the only “culprit” to her is leader Jimin, who bullied her for 10 years.  “For me, the only culprit is Shin Jimin. I only want to shed light on the person who bullied me for 10 years, not the man who assaulted me” – the female idol said. In July 2020, Mina shook the media by revealing that she was bullied by leader Jimin during her trainee and active years with AOA. Suffering bullying made her mentally ill, attempt suicide many times and eventually leave the group.

Mina (AOA) has clarified some information

Sources: kenh14

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