Before Song Joong Ki’s startling dating news, fellow former “Running Man” member Kang Gary also shocked the public when he announced his relationship with current wife 

No matter how shocking, fans are happy for the former “Running Man” members for leading a content life. 

As soon as the news broke out, social media was talking nonstop about Song Joong Ki’s relationship. Specifically, his girlfriend is revealed to be a former actress and currently English teacher. The couple met through a mutual and developed feelings regardless of nationality, culture and language. While the news was sudden, fans are happy to see the actor finding his happiness once again after 3 years of divorce. 

Katy Louise Saunders
Song Joong Ki’s new girlfriend is a former actress. (Image: Internet) 

According to media reports, Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend is always sympathetic to the actor’s busy life. In return, Song Joong Ki does not hesitate to introduce his loved one to those around him. Actor Song was spotted appearing beside her in an acquaintance’s weddings, on dates and in public appearances at the airport. 

Song Joong Ki girlfriend
Song Joong Ki is not afraid to make their relationship public. (Image: Internet) 

In the past, Song Joong Ki was a fixed member in the “Running Man” family from the early days and was loved for a cheerful, upbeat personality. He was often remembered as Lee Kwang Soo’s peer and scored a point with the viewers with his wits and cleverness. After 8 months with the show, Song Joong Ki left to focus more on acting. 

Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki was the most fan-attracting member in the early days of its airing. (Image: Running Man) 

Kang Gary was another “Running Man”’s former member who is having a content, married life with an industry outsider. In 2017, after announcing his departure from “Running Man” to focus on music, he delivered another “shocking” news that he got married and his wife did not have any artistic activities. 

kang gary
Kang Gary, a beloved former “Running Man” member. (Image: Running Man)

It took a while before Kang Gary felt comfortable making his private life public through posting pictures of their happy life. Kang Gary works less, spends more time on his family and less on entertainment activities. His first born is now 5 years old and appeared on “The Return Of Superman.” Viewers had a soft spot toward the child for his obedience, politeness and cleverness. Kang Gary’s most recent appearance was in the line-up of a reality show about music. 

kang gary wife
 A sneaky photo of Kang Gary’s wife. (Image: Internet) 

“I feel like after working for over 20 years, I ended up suffering from stress and overwork. While I was away to rest, I ended up getting married and had a child, so it turned into paternal leave. If you think about it, I’ve just been resting for over 3 years. But while I was off work, I was never sad or miserable. Because I was ecstatic when I came home. I felt like happiness was so near,” said Gary to his fans. 

kang gary wife
Kang Gary frequently takes photos of his wife and calls her “princess.” (Image: Instagram) 
kang gary
Kang Gary is having an extremely joyful life with his wife and child. (Image: Instagram) 

Source: K14

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