Kang Gary shared pictures of his date with his beautiful 10-year-younger wife

Singer Gary recently shared about how he went on a date with his wife on SNS.

On October 13th, Gary uploaded 2 pictures on his Instagram along with the caption, “Drinking latte on an empty stomach with a woman that looks good in a beret. So uncomfortable.”

In the posted photos, it appears that Gary went out on a date with his wife. Gary was drinking latte while wearing a baseball cap with a checked pattern shirt, while Gary’s wife showed off her stylish look with a black jacket and a beret. Drinking latte and smiling happily, her visual gives off celebrity-like vibes which gains the attention of netizens

Gary married a non-celebrity wife who is 10 years younger than him in 2017 and they have a son named Ha-oh. When the male singer announced his marriage to the public, Gary expressed affection for his wife, “We became a married couple through a ceremony between us rather than a wedding. My wife is an ordinary woman. My soul was attracted to her in an instant.”

Source: Nate

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