“The Witch 2” released still cuts of Park Eun-bin meeting supernatural powers Kim Da-mi and Lee Jong-seok

The movie ‘The Witch Part 2. The Other One,’ which heralds the birth of a new witch, is set to be released on June 15th.

On May 19th, the movie distributor NEW drew attention by unveiling the still cuts of actress Park Eun-bin, who newly joined “The Witch Part 2. The Other One.”


“The Witch 2” is an action movie about what happens when different unknown forces pursue a girl (Shin Si-ah) who survived alone in a devastating secret research institute and escaped to the outside world.

Park Eun-bin plays the role of Kyung-hee, who struggles to protect the girl.


Kyung-hee is a warm-hearted person who escapes the crisis with the help of “the girl” she meets by chance. She accepts the girl with extraordinary abilities as who she is and decides to help her.

Park Eun-bin said, “I tried to express my role as a person with a good instinct who tries to protect humanity among surreal beings.”

In addition to Park Eun-bin, “The Witch 2” stars Kim Da-mi, Lee Jong-seok, Cho Min-soo, Jingu, and Shin Si-ah.


In the first movie, Kim Da-mi played Ja Yoon, the female protagonist with superpowers. Lee Jong-seok is said to play a decadent villain in “The Witch 2.”


Amidst attention for the casting lineup which has become even more impressive than the first movie, the audience is also curious whether director Park Hoon-jung will be able to succeed in this sequel and receive explosive love.

Source: Insight

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