The veil is off! Amazing visual from Shin Si-ah, the female lead in “The Witch 2” after surpassing 1400 competitors

The face of the new actress Shin Si-ah, who passed three auditions with a high competition rate of 1408:1 to be selected as the new witch, has finally been unveiled.

On May 17th, the movie “The Witch Part 2. The Other One” finally released Shin Si-ah’s visual, who will appear as the female lead, raising fans’ expectations. The photo shows Shin Si-ah wearing a blood-stained lab coat and walking barefoot somewhere. Her expression is a complex mixture of emotions such as misery and anger, attracting attention.

The Witch

In “The Witch 2,” Shin Si-ah played the role of a young girl who survived alone in the devastating secret research institute “Arc” and escaped to the outside world, but now has to face new forces that are trying to chase her.

Shin si-ah’s character has a childlike innocence but is a character with a destructive nature. She is expected to captivate the audience by giving off a Janus-like charm that goes back and forth between different characteristics.

The Witch

Unlike Ja-yoon (Kim Da-mi) in the first movie, who was an ordinary high school student, Shin Si-ah said, “I tried to think that my character was awkward and clumsy in expressing her emotions because she had lived her life in isolation from the world. I tried to contain a lot of stories just with my eyes and not showing much change in my expression,” she said.

Kim Young-ho, the filming director, also praised Shin Si-ah’s acting skills. Kim Young-ho, the filming director, praised Shin Si-ah, saying, “She is an actress who makes me curious about the story with her mysterious atmosphere and eyes that always seem to be containing something.”

The Witch

The movie “The Witch 2,” which takes us back to the now larger and even more powerful “The Witch Universe”, will be available at theaters nationwide on June 15th. Attention is focusing on whether this sequel to the 2018 mega-hit “The Witch” will also be a hit.

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