K-netizens comment on LE SSERAFIM Sakura and Eunchae confessing that they can’t finish a cup of noodles together

On June 1st, a video titled “The eldest Unniez are here! A peaceful(?) LE SSERAFIM with the youngest’s obsession” was released on the YouTube channel “KBS Kpop”.

Sakura and Eunchae were asked about the rumor that they share 1 pack of ramen noodles together but can’t even finish it. Sakura said, “We can’t explain it. It’s just true.”


Sakura then attempted to explain the situation, saying that the ramen they could not finish is the huge kind of cup noodles, not the small one. However, the production team stated that the type Sakura and Eunchae ate was just a standard cup noodle for one serving, not a large cup at all.

The theqoo article regarding this became a hot topic with over 86,000 views as of the afternoon of June 3rd. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

  • I understand because I can’t finish a cup of noodles either.
  • I envy people with small appetites… I always feel hungry.
  • Whenever I saw Eunchae, she was always eating lol
  • You have to eat like that to become skinny.
  • As expected, there’s a reason why they’re thin…

Source: theqoo

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