“Sweet Home 2” Went Viral with Shocking Naked Scene From Star Actor

Within mere hours after its release, Netflix’s “Sweet Home” has become the talk of the town.

Officially released on December 1, “Sweet Home 2” has immediately gone viral, living up to the massive impact of its 1st season. 

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At present, the most discussed topic surrounding “Sweet Home 2” is the return of Lee Do-hyun. Initially a central character in the first season, Lee Do-hyun’s role, Eun-hyuk, was believed to have died in the final episode. 

In addition, throughout the promotional period for “Sweet Home 2”, there were no images indicating Lee Do-hyun’s return, so audiences could only hope that he would appear through a few flashback scenes. However, to everyone’s surprise, Lee Do-hyun’s character made an unexpected comeback, even in a human appearance rather than that of a monster.

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Lee Do-hyun officially returns to “Sweet Home”

On top of this jaw-dropping surprise, audiences also found themselves shocked as the “resurrection scene” of Lee Do-hyun’s character involves him being completely naked. It is no exaggeration to say that this is perhaps the boldest scene the actor has done during his acting career. 

Now, fans can’t help but wonder how Lee Do-hyun’s return will be handled in the upcoming season 3 of “Sweet Home”, especially as the series’ plot has completely diverged from the original webtoon. 

Source: Netflix, K14

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