“Mean Girls 2024” Choreographer Revealed He Was Inspired By BLACKPINK

With the popularity of the 2004 version, “Mean Girls” is coming back to theater with a musical version named “Mean Girls 2024.”

The film’s choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, shared in one interview that BLACKPINK was one of his sources for inspiration for the film’s choreography. “I feel like this is the generation that grew up watching BLACKPINK (..) I said let’s put a little bit of inspiration from BLACKPINK in there,” said Hanagami.


Kyle Hanagami is a choreographer and creative director from Los Angeles. He is also one of BLACKPINK’s main choreographers since their debut with Boombayah, Playing With Fire, Ddu-du Ddu-du, Kill This Love, etc.

Many KPOP fans are looking forward to see BLACKPINK-inspired choreography in this movie, especially as the group has done covers of the classic “Jingle Bells Rock” dance in their concerts.

Meanwhile, the movie “Mean Girls 2024” is set to be released on January 12.

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