Lil Nas X revealed RM is his favorite member of BTS

The fact that Lil Nas X is “lowkey” an ARMY is already known by every fan, but who is the male singer’s bias in BTS has only been revealed recently.

Lil Nas X is one of the Western artists who extremely adore BTS‘s music. He even asked his followers to stream the Kpop group’s song “Boy With Luv”. Previously, these two artists had a unique collaboration on the stage of the 2020 Grammy Awards. But fans only found out recently who is his favorite BTS member.

Lil Nas X and BTS

During a livestream on Instagram, the male singer received a question from fans: “Who do you think is the hottest BTS member?”. Unexpectedly, the “Old Town Road” singer said that he would have to pick RM. He also mentioned that all BTS members are cute.

Fans have now realized that Lil Nas X’s bias being RM is already evident since the day they teamed up to create a remix version of the song “Old Town Road”. Talking about this collaboration, the BTS’s leader often expressed his thankfulness and said that he is a fan of Lil Nas X. Not only that, RM once revealed how happy he was when he received an invitation to feature on a remix of this hit song. Seeing their adorable interaction, fans are extremely looking forward to another collaboration between the two artists in the near future.

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