Jung Yu-mi: “My parents divorced when I was in 2nd grade,” shed tears at the thought of her mother

Actress Jung Yu-mi confessed her family history and cried at the thought of her mother.

On September 15th at 10:20 pm, on the MBN entertainment program “As You Want”, the trip to Danyang, North Chungcheong of Park Ha-sun and her close friends, Lee So-yeon and Jung Yu-mi, continued.

On the evening of their first day in Danyang, Jung Yu-mi drew attention by answering “Mom” to Shin Ae-ra’s question, “Who is the person you think of the most when you have the most difficult times?” She then confessed, “My parents divorced around the time when I was in 2nd grade of elementary school.”

Jeong Yu-mi said, “There was one thing my mom always said to me, which is to always be…,” she started sobbing, “is to not do anything rude, or anything that makes people say I am a kid with no money or no father,” conveying her mother’s special affection and education. Her best friends Lee So-yeon and Park Ha-sun also shed tears when they saw Jung Yu-mi cry.

On the other hand, MBN’s entertainment program “As You Want” is a hyper-realism travel entertainment program about top stars going traveling with 100% reality, and is broadcast every Thursday at 10:20 pm.

Source: daum

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