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“Marry My Husband” Song Ha-yoon’s Lovely Fan Service Sparks Buzz

Song Ha-yoon's fan service video is going viral among netizens

On various online communities and channels, a video featuring Song Ha-yoon garnered attention on March 2nd.

The video captures Song Ha-yoon entering the recording set of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros.‘ She flawlessly pulls off a cute school uniform fashion, flipping her long hair playfully as she walks in.

Song Ha-yoon

As one fan brightly greets her with a “Hello,” Song Ha-yoon nods and returns the greeting with a bright smile. 

Upon hearing the compliment “You’re so beautiful,” she responds with a twinkle in her eye and modestly says, “Thank you,” nodding her head in appreciation.

Then, as a fan reaches out their hand saying, “Just once,” Song Ha-yoon laughs and happily clasps the fan’s hand. Despite her busy schedule, Song Ha-yoon’s affectionate and friendly side in responding to fans’ requests without any hint of annoyance or discomfort touched many.

Netizens commented with praise such as “She’s really lovely,” “She’s so adorable,” “Her smile is so precious,” “She’s so beautiful,” and more.

Song Ha-yoon

Song Ha-yoon recently gained praise for her role as villain Jung Soo-min in the hit drama ‘Marry My Husband.’ She successfully transformed into an antagonist for the first time in her acting career.

The scene where Song Ha-yoon witnessed her husband’s affair and cursed is even hailed as the best in ‘Marry My Husband.’ 

Adding to her popularity and buzzworthiness, Song Ha-yoon will appear on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros,’ where she will share behind-the-scenes stories, thoughts on the end of filming, and her current whereabouts. 

Source: Nate

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