“Marry My Husband” Lee Yi-kyung’s acting skills “Hateful acting makes it impossible not to hate him”

In tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Marry My Husband” (directed by Park Won-guk, Han Jin-seon / written by Shin Yoo-dam), which aired on Jan 22nd and 23rd, Lee Yi-kyung, who played the role of the worst husband Park Min-hwan, delivered an unbearable and hateful performance, raising viewers’ blood pressure.

To his girlfriend Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young), Park Min-hwan is cold, but to Ji-won’s friend Jung Soo-min (played by Song Ha-yoon), he is an endlessly affectionate man. He succumbed to Soo-min’s temptation without a single rejection. Only when the stocks he invested his entire fortune in collapsed did Min-hwan attempt to resolve his relationship with Soo-min and hastily push for marriage with Ji-won, who could become his financial lifeline.

Lee Yi-kyung

Having previously disappointed Ji-won with a proposal that lacked enthusiasm, Min-hwan brings up marriage using “family” as leverage. Employing gaslighting techniques, Min-hwan pressures Ji-won into marriage. Thinking Ji-won would not refuse, Min-hwan, in contrast to the past, prepares a flashy drone performance and a ring, romantically proposing amidst the swirling whirlwind of fate, revealing the beginning of revenge that involves both taking and being taken away.

Lee Yi-kyung flawlessly embodies Park Min-hwan, raising the intensity by 200%. His eyes and various expressions that change according to the situation maximize Park Min-hwan’s appeal. Such a portrayal makes it impossible not to hate him, adding a crucial element to the drama, and Min-hwan becomes a source of enjoyment for viewers.

Lee Yi-kyung’s acting, honed through various entertainment experiences, adds heat to both online and offline discussions. As he leverages his accumulated skills, viewers are eagerly anticipating how Lee Yi-kyung will continue to portray Park Min-hwan in the future.

Source: Nate

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