Lucas opens Bubble account, gearing up for solo after leaving NCT and WayV

Former NCT and WayV member Lucas gears up for his solo activities by opening an account on fan messaging platform Bubble.

On June 5th, it was reported that Lucas, a former member of NCT and WayV, will open an account on the fan messaging platform Bubble, starting from June 7th. 

It is known that Bubble (or Dear U Bubble) is a service platform that allows fans to send and receive personal messages from their favorite artists, in a monthly subscription format. The platform is widely used by actors and Kpop artists under various entertainment agencies, such as SM, JYP, Starship, Cube, RBW, and so on.  


With his new account on Bubble, Lucas will officially be embarking on his new journey as a solo artist, and is expected to begin solo activities soon.

On the other hand, back in 2021, Lucas was entangled in a “gaslighting and cheating scandal”, as well as faced accusations of bad-mouthing group members and senior artists, which ultimately led to his departure from NCT and WayV. However, SM Entertainment did not mention whether Lucas is still a member of their project group SuperM. 

Source: K Crush 

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