Lucas (NCT) is accused of having been in love with a fan for many years (with photo evidences)

Perhaps this will be another sleepless night for the fans.

Recently, Korean entertainment fans were in outrage when the shocking information about many idols continuously appeared. From noisy love scandals, debauched lifestyles, quietly getting married, having children, or secretly dating… all of these things make fans go from shock to shock.

A few minutes ago, NCT‘s members, especially Lucas became the focus of attention. Accordingly, the guy was accused of having a relatiónhip with a fan. The girl “unmasked” the story that the two were dating and posted the chat history and photos as proof.

She said that she is a fan of Wong Yuk Ki (Lucas) has been a lover of the popular male idol for several years. During the time of love, the two also quarreled, leading to dissolution many times. When they were still in love, he would often go to hotels and apartments to find her.

Lucas (Wayv) dating fans

The girl shared that because the two of them broke up because they were too tired of each other. During the time of love, only the two of them knew, no one knew about their friends. Finally, she said that recently, the two had contact with each other again when Lucas came to China, but in the last 1 month, Lucas has deleted his KakaoTalk account.

The self-proclaimed ex-girlfriend finished that she deeply regrets being in love with Lucas and feels that it is better to be a fan. The truth is not yet understood, but the fan community is very shocked by this story.

Lucas (Wayv) dating fans

Lucas’s real name is Wong Yuk Ki, from Hong Kong. He officially entered the K-pop idol world in 2015, joining SM Entertainment after passing the Global Audition held in Hong Kong. In April 2017, Lucas was introduced as a member of SM Rookies. After that, the male idol debuted in the group NCT – the group with the largest number of members in Korea.

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