Lee Yoo-mi Surpasses Go Yoon-jung & Kang Dong-won To Top October Actor Brand Reputation Ranking

Results of the Brand Reputation Ranking For Actors In October 2023 have been released

The Korean Brand Reputation Research Insitute analyzed 198,857,554 big data of 100 actors appearing in dramas, movies, and OTT projects from September 28th, 2023 to October 28th, 2023 by measuring consumers’ brand participation, media, communication, and community. In particular, the October brand big data increased by 9.28% compared to that of the previous month.

According to the results, No.1 went to Lee Yoo-mi, followed by No.2 Go Yoon-jung and No.3 Kang Dong-won.

In addition, actors named from No.4 to No.30 in the Brand Reputation Ranking are Cha Eun-woo, Yang Se-jong, Song Joong-ki, Namkoong Min, Jung So-min, BIBI, Rowoon, Lee Yoo-bi, Park Gyu-young, Ji Chang-wook, Han Ji-min, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Sang-yeop, Gong Yoo, Jo In-sung, Ryeoun, Ahn Eun-jin, Kang Ha-neul, Suzy, Park Bo-young, Kim Nam-gil, Hwang Jung-eum, Wi Ha-jun, Yoon Gye-sang, Ong Seong-woo, Lee Seo-jin, and Shin Eun-soo.

Charting No.1, Lee Yoo-mi achieved a brand reputation score of 8,199,377 with a participation index of 2,106,818, a media index of 2,122,567, a communication index of 1,956148 and a community index of 2,013,844. 

lee yoo mi

Go Yoon-jung ranked No.2 with a brand reputation score of 7,923,974, which includes a participation index of 2,231,135, a media index of 2,121,003, a communication index of 1,955,894 and a community index of 1,615,942.

No.3 Kang Dong-won showed a total brand reputation score of 5,323,835. This brand had a participation index of 1,285,389, a media index of 1,314,570, a communication index of 1,205,785, and a community index of 1,518,091.

kang dong won

Cha Eun-woo and Yang Se-jong placed 4th and 5th with brand reputation scores of 4,917,953 and 3,932,400, respectively.

In this regard, Director Koo Chang-hwan of the Korean Brand Reputation Research Insitute said, “Lee Yoo-mi brand dominated the 2023 October Actor Brand Reputation Ranking. The brand reputation big data in October showed increases in all categories, including brand consumption, brand issue, brand communication, and brand expansion”. He added, “Lee Yoo-mi rose to the top spot on this chart thanks to the popularity of ‘Strong Girl Nam-soon’. No.2 Go Yoon-jung brand showed a strong impact with ‘Moving’, while No.3 Kang Dong-won recently made headlines with his impressive character in ‘Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman’”.

Source: Nate 

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