Lee Yi-kyung Visits SM Building And Reveals Himself As Fan Of aespa’s Karina 

Lee Yi-kyung expressed admiration for aespa’s Karina, who is rumored to be dating actor Lee Jae-wook

At 6 p.m. (KST) on February 27th, the YouTube channel ootb STUDIO will release a new content video showing NCT’s Taeyong spending a day exploring the area around Seoul Forest Starion with Lee Yi-kyung.

Seoul Forest Station is the first station that MC Lee Yi-kyung will visit this week. While visiting SM building near Seoul Forest Station at the invitation of SHINee’s Minho, Lee Yi-kyung accidentally meets NCT’s Taeyong and successfully recruits a guest on the spot.

lee yi hyung-taeyong

Taeyong, who has been busy preparing his new solo album with the title song “TAP”, shares, “I go overseas a lot and don’t have much time to walk around places in Korea”, expressing his desire to visit hot places near Seoul Forest Station. As a result, the two visit a nearby restaurant to fulfill Taeyong’s wish, take a selfie together and chat while walking around Seoul Forest Station. 

Apart from his Seoul Forest Station tour partner Taeyong, Lee Yi-kyung impresses everyone as he shows off his extraordinary friendship with SM artists, such as BoA, who worked with him in “Marry My Husband”, SHINee’s Minho, and Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul.

lee yi hyung-taeyong

Lee Yi-kyung then looks around the merchandise store in SM building. Revealing that he feels burdened seeing Minho’s goods, the actor smiles brightly when seeing a photocard of aespa’s Karina, showing his affection as a big fan ofthe female idol.

In addition, Lee Yi-kyung reportedly tries to make an impromptu call with Min-ho and shows off their chemistry through their bickering conversation.

Source: Daum

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