“Alienoid” to be released on VOD service in just one month after its premiere

Soon, you will be able to watch the movie “Alienoid” in your own living room.

On August 18th, three IPTV companies including LG U+, KT and SK Broadband announced that they will provide director Choi Dong-hoon’s new film “Alienoid” on their video on demand (VOD) service.

IPTV is an Internet protocol-based television broadcast system that can be viewed through a set-top box. It also provides VOD services as well as general channels. KT’s Olleh TV is a representative example.

Prior to providing VOD, these three IPTV companies also plan to hold a pre-booking event for to pre-purchase the VOD of “Alienoid”.

Those who participated in the pre-booking will be provided with a TV coupon of 5,000 won and the VOD permanently. In addition, customers can watch the movie not only on TV but also on their mobile phones through the “N Screen Service” provided by each company.

Earlier in July, these three IPTV companies signed a business agreement for strategic supply and demand of content.

This is to respond to the public’s use of online video services (OTT) such as Netflix, Watcha, Wavve, and Coupang Play instead of TV programs.

Starting with “Alienoid,” these 3 companies will jointly supply, invest in various works and strengthen their marketing activities.

The break-even point of the movie “Alienoid” is reported to be around 7.3 million viewers.

However, according to the Korea Box-office Information System, which belongs to the Korean Film Council, on August 18th, the movie attracted only 1.52 million viewers.

“Alienoid” was one of the most anticipated films in the second half of this year as it features a variety of popular actors such as Kim Woo-bin, Kim Tae-ri, and Ryu Jun-yeol alongside director Choi Dong-hoon of “Assassination.”

However, many viewers expressed their bitterness after hearing that the movie will be provided on VOD service only about a month after it was released on July 20th.

Source: insight

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