Following the 18-year slavery contract, Lee Seung Gi faces the betrayal of Lee Sun Hee’s family member

Hook Entertainment (Hook) allegedly embezzled some of Lee Seung Gi’s advertising and modeling fees.

On December 23rd, an entertainment media reported, “3% from the 10% of Lee Seung Gi advertising and modeling fees paid to advertising agencies as ‘agent fees’ went to Hook’s former and current executives, CEO Kwon Jin Young’s acquaintances, and Lee Sun Hee’s family member.”

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According to the report, this was decided by CEO Kwon Jin Young. Lee Sun Hee’s family member, who received the money, is known to have never worked at Hook.

In addition, actors Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Seo Jin, and Park Min Young also paid 10% as “agent fees”, and 3% of those amounts were delivered to the same people mentioned above.

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Hook has not expressed any position on this allegation.

Earlier, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative said, “Hook and Lee Seung Gi has never had an agreement, but Hook unilaterally sent Lee Seung Gi 4.81 billion won in music revenue and advertising fees without prior notice on December 16th”

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They continued, “Hook also filed a complaint against Lee Seung Gi to confirm that they no longer owe him any debt”, adding “The settlement amount unilaterally Lee Seung Gi received from Hook is quite different from the settlement amount that he is aware of.”

Source: wikitree

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