Lee Seung Gi’s side, “We filed a complaint against Hook’s former and current directors over defrauding advertising and modeling fees”

Lee Seung Gi, who is in conflict with Hook Entertainment (Hook), eventually sued CEO Kwon Jin Young and other directors.

Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative said on December 22nd, “We filed a complaint with Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office against former and current directors of Hook Entertainment, including CEO Kwon Jin Young, this morning.”

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Apart from the current dispute over music revenue settlements, Lee Seung Gi also sued Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young and finance directors on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (business embezzlement and fraud). 

Lee Seung Gi’s side said, “We recently found in a report that former and current directors of Hook deceived Lee Seung Gi and defrauded him of part of his advertising and modeling fees”, adding “Lee Seung Gi was informed that 10% of his advertising and modeling fees were paid to the advertising agency as ‘agent fee’, but it seems like the former and current directors of Hook shared part of that 10% together.”

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They continued, “When Lee Seung Gi raised an objection, Hook admitted their faults and paid Lee Seung Gi about 630 million won in advertising fees and delayed interest on December 16th”, adding “Therefore, our legal representative also sued CEO Kwon Jin Young and 3 former and current directors on charges of fraud and embezzlement.”

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Lee Seung Gi’s representative emphasized, “Lee Seung Gi has never had any agreement with Hook on music profit settlements. Hook unilaterally sent 4.81 billion won to Lee Seung Gi without prior notice on December 16th and filed a complaint against Lee Seung Gi to confirm that they no longer owe him any debt”, adding, “The above settlement amount unilaterally sent by Hook is quite different from the settlement amount that Lee Seung Gi is aware of. Therefore, Lee Seung-gi will respond to Hook’s complaint and file a counterclaim against Hook and related parties to claim settlement of unpaid music fees and damages.”

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Lastly, they said, “Lee Seung Gi believes that there should not be any more victims like himself.”

Source: Daum

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