Lee Sang-bo, who has cleared all the drug charges, complained, “I’m still having inner struggles but I’m trying to recover”.

Lee Sang-bo has completely gotten rid of the tag “drug actor”. Nevertheless, he still complained about being hurt by the incident.

Lee Sang-bo said to JTBC Entertainment News on September 30th, “I’m glad that all the charges have been cleared. Thank you”, adding “I’m still having inner struggles and trying to recover”.

The Seoul Gangnam Police Station cleared all charges for Lee Sang-bo on the same day. An official from Gangnam Police Station said, “As a result of a thorough investigation of his urine and hair, no substances that can test positive in the simple reagent test”, explaining the reason for the acquittal.

Lee Sang-bo was arrested by the police on the 10th of this month after residents reported that they witnessed him running around in a residential area in Nohyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Through a simple drug test at the scene, he received a ‘positive’ result, but the test conducted at the hospital after his arrest reportedly came out as ‘negative’.

Lee Sang-bo continued to claim his innocence, revealing that it was due to a small amount of drug ingredients contained in the medication for his depression treatment. At that time, Lee Sang-bo told JTBC Entertainment News, “I have been receiving psychological treatment. I took half a tranquilizer a day. I shouldn’t have done this but I also drank a little beer after such a long time. After a while, I felt dizzy”.

However, he suddenly got called a “drug addict”. Complaining of unfairness, Lee Sang-bo said, “Even before going to the detention center, my real name was mentioned as a ‘drug actor’. They wrote articles claiming that I had already taken drugs and admitted to the charges even though the results have not been released”.

Lee Sang-bo continued, “I can’t resent or blame anyone for damaging my reputation because I did something wrong and things happened because of my mistake. Even if I’m angry and feel unfair, it’s still because of me. It happened due to my carelessness”, adding “However, the thing that bothers me the most is the damage I’ve caused to the members of ‘Miss Monte-Cristo’ team, who worked hard with me for 7 months. I think I’ve caused great disappointment to my colleagues. The drama is already over, but I left a stain. I feel so sorry about that. I’m being sincere. The production team and senior actors encouraged me until the end even though I lacked many skills. Since I don’t have any family members, we actually lived like a family while filming the drama. Therefore, I feel very sorry whenever I think of them”.

Source: daum

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