Former LOONA member Chuu reveals her bare face for the first time

Chuu, a former member of girl group LOONA, has revealed her bare face for the first time.

On April 12th, a video titled “Chuu’s Top Secret” was published on Chuu’s official YouTube channel, “Chuu Can Do It”. In the video, the former LOONA member attempted to transform into a 4th generation girl group member via trendy makeup.

The video begins with Chuu in her bare face, saying, “This is so embarrassing, I’ve never done this before.” The female idol then checked the camera on her phone, said she looked “ugly”, before requesting the editing team to blur her face out. 

Afterwards, Chuu headed to a salon to get a trending makeup look for 4th generation female idols.


At the salon, the makeup artist said, “For the 4th generation makeup, we focus on clean and smooth skin texture to create natural makeup.” Then, as she did eye makeup, the makeup artist explained how to create a natural look that complements Chuu’s drooping eyes. 

After makeup, Chuu also challenged herself to a 4th generation hairstyle with “steel bangs” (bangs that last long to the point of being compared to steel). The female idol then revealed that the bangs can last for 5 hours, and expressed satisfaction with the finished look.


Chuu was first introduced as a member of LOONA in 2017, but was dismissed from the group in November of last year. At the time, her agency, Blockberry Creative, claimed that Chuu had verbally abused and bullied staff members, but Chuu countered that she has “never done anything to be ashamed of”, and many others have taken Chuu’s side. 

Afterwards, Chuu signed an exclusive contract with a new agency in April. 

Source: wikitree

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