Lee Kwang-soo’s shocking appearance, not from “Running Man” but from a still cut of “The Pirates: Goblin Flag”

Lee Kwang-soo shows an amazing synchronization with his character in the movie “The Pirates: Goblin Flag”, turning into a pirate king wannabe. 

“The Pirates”, which marked a milestone in Korean entertainment blockbusters, will soon return with “The Pirates: Goblin Flag“. This is a movie about the spectacular adventures of pirates gathered in the sea to become the owner of the royal treasure that has disappeared without a trace. Actor Lee Kwang-soo, who has won various awards such as the “Best Supporting Actor Award” at the Baeksang Arts Awards through the 2019 film “Inseparable Bros”, and has captured the audience with his unique character skills shown in every work, will also play a role in “The Pirates: Goblin Flag”.

Lee Kwang-soo The Pirates: Goblin Flag

Although he is a member of the pirate ship, Mak-yi, who aims for the position of captain Hae-rang (Han Hyo-joo), is a person who continuously causes big and small incidents every minute with poor planning, unlike his overflowing will. Lee Kwang-soo perfectly depicts the funny and sad charm of Mak-yi, going back and forth between comedy and sorrow through his unique humorous acting, flawlessly digesting his unique visuals such as hairstyle and costume in his own color. Director Kim Jung-hoon said, “I felt like I was seeing actor Lee Kwang-soo himself whenever I look at the character Mak-yi”. Lee Kwang-soo promised to fascinate the audiences in the new year with his irresistible charm.

Lee Kwang-soo The Pirates: Goblin Flag

The movie “The Pirates: Goblin Flag,” which will provide all-time fun through the tiki-taka of popular actors from all generations, with an interesting story as well as spectacular action scenes, is scheduled to visit the audiences in the New Year holiday of 2022.

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