Lee Dong-wook Reveals Goals In His 40s, “I’m Not Doing A Normal Job But I Want To Live A Normal Life”

Actor Lee Dong-wook shared his sincere thoughts

On November 25th, Lee Dong-wook had an interview with Sisa Journal at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. During the interview, he introduced his new romcom movie “Single in Seoul” and talked about himself.

Lee Dong-wook is back with a sweet romcom. His new movie “Single in Seoul” is about Young-ho (Lee Dong-wook), a power influencer who likes being single, and Hyun-jin (Lim Soo-jung), an editor of a publishing company who doesn’t want to be alone, making a book about single life.

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When asked about his experience of working with Lim Soo-jung and their chemistry, Lee Dong-wook said, “It’s very comfortable. Everyone knows she has amazing acting skills and she’s a veteran actress with many experiences. I learned many things from her and received a lot of help. In particular, we exchanged opinions a lot. In daily life, Lim Soo-jung is clumsy and cute, and that side of her is also reflected in this work. The fact that she has maintained a youthful beauty for a long time is another thing to look forward to in this film”.

Similar to his character Young-ho, Lee Dong-wook also enjoys his single life. Regarding the advantages of being single, the actor said, “I can do whatever I want. I can eat anything and sleep any time I want. Also, I can watch anything I like. I prefer watching sports channels. So if I have a girlfriend, can she watch only sports channels like me? I don’t think she can”.

Lee Dong-wook is 42 years old. When asked about his goals in middle age, Lee Dong-wook said, “As an actor, there are still many genres I haven’t tried. I want to constantly challenge new things. Numbers are important, and so does my physical age. I want to take good care of myself and act for a long time”, adding “I also want to live a good life. I’m not doing a normal job, but I hope that I can live a normal life.”

Source: Daum

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