ARMYs angrily trend ‘Respect Jimin’ after seeing the light during ‘the main dancer’ Jimin’s performance was turned off

What happened to Jimin over the past month during BTS’s performances?

Recently, BTS’s fans started trending a series of hashtags including #RespectJimin, dance break lighting, and #ExplainTheLightingIssue on Twitter. These hashtags quickly entered the top trend in Korea. But what happened that has caused ARMYs to be angry and voice their displeasure on behalf of Jimin like this? 

The cause of this issue is because Jimin is constantly being treated unfairly during BTS’s performances. Over the past few months, every time BTS performed Butter, Jimin seemed to disappear from the stage until the dance break. For some reason, the lighting only hit the other 6 members, while Jimin was constantly pushed to the edge of choreography where there was no lighting, causing fans unable to watch him on stage.

bts jimin

If this only happened once, it could be said to be accidental, but until the third time, fans couldn’t help but suspect that the lighting crew had something against Jimin.

bts jimin
In two consecutive stages at Billboard…
bts jimin
…and The Late Show, every time during the dance break with the spotlight on, the light goes to one side and Jimin disappears into the dark.
bts jimin
bts jimin
Four months later, BTS had another stage for Butter but Jimin’s situation did not improve

Along with the hashtags, fans have clearly expressed their concerns and demanded the lighting crew to get things right so Jimin can be properly visible while dancing. Although they are dissatisfied with the situation, Jimin’s large fan sites all use civilized language and politely send their requests to the management company. Fans hope that HYBE will soon be aware of what happened and make appropriate adjustments to satisfy fans’ expectations.

bts jimin
The fanpage Jimin Data spoke up to request feedback from the company
bts jimin
Jimin’s fanbar in China also quickly expressed their concerns

Hopefully, the company won’t let fans complain anymore. Apparently, the staff has continued to forget that BTS is a 7-member group.

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