Ahn Bohyun and Jo Bo-ah confirmed to appear in tvN’s new drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman”

tvN has just released their official lineup for “Military Prosecutor Doberman” with Ahn Bo-hyun, Jo Bo-ah, Oh Yeon-soo, Kim Young-min and Kim Woo-seok.

tvN’s new drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman” has confirmed their casting of Ahn Bo-hyun, Jo Bo-ah, Oh Yeon-soo, Kim Young-min and Kim Woo-seok and announced the start of their filming. “Military Prosecutor Doberman” tells the story of when two military prosecutors, Do Bae-man (Ahn Bo-hyun), who works for money, and Cha Woo-in (Jo Bo-ah), who do this job for revenge, meet and break down the dark and rotten evil reality in the military then grow themselves into real military prosecutors.


Screenwriter Yoon Hyun-ho, who is recognized as a master of legal dramas with his previous works, including “The Attorney”, “Remember” and Lawless Lawyer” will team up with Director Jin Chang-gyu, who is known for his sensuous and sophisticated directing skills through drama “Bad Papa” and “Chip In”. The two herald the birth of a new legal drama that the viewers have never seen before. Above all, since this is the first drama that will reveal the real military court, which has never been shown in other works about the military, it is expected to bring pleasure with a genre that allows the audience to feel the lit refreshing catharsis.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Moreover, the production team proudly introduced a strong lineup with famous names, from actor Ahn Bo-hyun to Jo Bo-ah, Oh Yeon-soo, Kim Young-min and Kim Woo-seok. First of all, Ahn Bo-hyun plays the role of Do Bae-man, a military prosecutor who is looking forward to taking off his military uniform. With his outstanding height and distinctive facial features, Do Bae-man is a character who looks fashionable even in his military uniform. Through the dramas “Itaewon Class”, “Kairos”, “Yumi’s Cells” and Netflix’s series “My Name”, Ahn Bo-hyun has proved his charm and risen as a rising actor. Therefore, he is expected to attract the viewers by perfectly portraying his character in this drama.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Jo Bo-ah plays the role of Cha Woo-in, a new military prosecutor who was the only child of a chaebol. Cha Woo-in, who has strong eyes, confident attitude, and boldness without fear of the strong, had experience and skillful investigative power. Jo Bo-ah, who has shown three-dimensional flexibility with solid acting skills in each of her works, such as the drama “Tale of the Nine Taled”, “Forest” and “My Strange Hero” is expected to create another great character by giving off various charms, including action acting.

On the other hand, the news of Oh Yeon-soo’s appearance, who returned to her acting career after a long time, is also drawing attention. Noh A-yeong, played by Oh Yeon-soo, is the first female leader of the division with extraordinary hair and poker face and has an overwhelming charisma that makes people obey. Oh Yeon-soo will portray this character more realistically than anyone else based on her terrific acting skills.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

The role of Yong Mun-gu, a lawyer from the special prosecutor, is played by skillful actor Kim Young-min. Attention is paid on what kind of acting transformation Kim Young-min, who is showing excellent acting skills in various genres and proving his value and completing a thorough filmography, will be able to meet viewers’ expectations this time. Finally, Kim Woo-seok will play the role of Roh Tae-nam, the third-generation chaebol who becomes the president of a big company at his late 20s. Expectations are high on what kind of acting potential Kim Woo-seok, who has proven a wide spectrum of acting between musicals and dramas, will have through the role of Roh Tae-nam.

kim young min

The production team of “Military Prosecutor Doberman”, which established a reliable casting lineup such as Ahn Bo-hyun, Jo Bo-ah, Oh Yeon-soo, Kim Young-min, and Kim Woo-seok, said, “The presence of the actors alone proves a reliable casting”. In addition to the perfect synchronization between the actor and the character, what ensemble will be completed when they work together, and the synergy is likely to be the first attractive point of “Military Prosecutor Doberman”. We ask for your interest and expectation”, they said.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

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