“Salty & Sweet” fancam video of aespa Karina, who looks exactly like Maetel in “Galaxy Express 999”

aespa Karina transformed into blonde hair and renewed her legendary beauty.

On May 11th, aespa appeared on Mnet’s “M Countdown” and performed the title song “Spicy” and the b-side track “Salty & Sweet”.


Member Karina gave off an unapproachable aura with her gorgeous visuals on the stage of “Salty & Sweet”.

Karina, with her long blonde hair hanging down, wore a beret and showed off her small face.

Karina wore a silver shirt and a short cancan skirt. She accentuated her fashion with long boots.


Wearing a dark outfit, Karina unveiled a visual that looks exactly like Maetel from the animation “Galaxy Express 999”.

Karina proved herself to be a talented idol by showing her cool dance moves.

In particular, Karina aroused admiration by exuding her sexiness without exposing too much.


Fans showed enthusiastic reactions such as “That’s why Karina is one of the top female idols“, “I’m tired of saying she’s pretty now“…

On the other hand, with their third mini-album “MY WORLD” released on May 8th, aespa set a new K-pop girl group first-day sales record (1,372,929 copies), topped major Korean album and song charts as well as topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 20 regions around the world.

Source: Insight

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