LE SSERAFIM To Return To Korea On Apr 22nd Amid Controversy Over Poor Singing Skills At Coachella

Can LE SSERAFIM members return to Korea with confidence after the “tone deaf” controversy at the Coachella festival?

It has been confirmed that LE SSERAFIM will arrive at Los Angeles International Airport to return to Korea on April 22nd (KST).

The group will immediately return home after completing their last performance for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, one of the largest music festivals in the US, on April 21st. Attention is focused on LE SSERAFIM’s upcoming Coachella performance. The group debuted at Coachella on the 14th but sparked controversy over their poor live singing skills.

At that time, LE SSERAFIM presented a stage of 40 minutes with a total of 10 songs. However, after watching the group’s live stage on YouTube, netizens poured criticism over the members’ bad singing skills.

lee ssarafim

K-pop had high expectations for LE SSERAFIM ahead of their performance knowing they would become the fastest group to debut at Coachella and perform in Louis Vuitton’s customized outfits. However, everything was forgotten due to the unexpected singing skill controversy. Comparing LE SSERAFIM’s stage to the historic Coachella performances of BLACKPINK as the first K-pop girl group in 2019 and the headliner in 2023, viewers were even more disappointed.

Along with the spread of MR-removed videos (without backtrack) of LE SSERAFIM’s performances, the majority of reviews were complaints about the members’ lack of vocal training. Many pointed out the significant difference between the girls’ live singing skills to their voices in the recordings. However, some praised the members in terms of performing skills.

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Apart from that, HYBE’s unreasonable “media play” for LE SSERAFIM also caused criticism to intensify.

LE SSERAFIM performed at Coachella on the 14th and the controversy spread widely on the next day, creating many hot topics. Despite harsh criticism, HYBE still proudly promoted the girl group in the news, saying “LE SSERAFIM captivated the audience at the US festival Coachella”, resulting in the opposite effect of a more intensive backlash.

As such, some are raising concerns over whether the group will be able to confidently return to Korea after completing their last show on the 22nd.

After Coachella, LE SSERAFIM will hold a two-day fanmeeting at Jamsil Gymnasium in Seoul on the 11th and 12th of May to celebrate the group’s 2nd debut anniversary.

Source: daum

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