Lia Kim & Mina Myoung Talk About Their Tearful Reconciliation On “Street Woman Fighter 2”

Dancers Lia Kim and Mina Myoung revealed how they made up after participating in “Street Woman Fighter 2”

JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” broadcast on December 2nd featured the guest appearance of Mnet’s “Street Women Fighter 2” leaders Lia Kim, Halo, Mina Myoung, Funky Y, Nob and Bada.

When asked about their relationship, Lia Kim and Mina Myoung said, “We already solved all misunderstandings. Now we are in touch very often and completely comfortable with each other”.

Lia Kim Mina-myeong

Recalling the past, Mina Myoung shared, “I was a member of 1MILLION for a long time. I met my teacher (Lia Kim) and we were doing activities together. I felt disappointed and got hurt for some reasons, but she also had a hard time back then”.  Regarding her sharp remarks toward Lia Kim in “Street Woman Fighter 2”, she said, “I should have said something nice. I thought I should make her feel pressured a little bit with my fighting spirit but there seems to have been an error”.

Lia Kim explained, “I think there were reasons why we misunderstood each other. As a senior, I should have let them understand me step by step, but at that time, I was also inexperienced because it was my first business.” Hearing that, Mina Myoung shed tears.

Lia Kim continued, “We worked on choreographies together with other dancers and I always tried to tell the writers and PDs that we did it together. Some parts were edited for entertainment and the friends who worked with me felt a sense of loss, and I didn’t pay enough attention to that part.”

In addition, Mina Myoung shared, “I really like this saying. When I wrote the application form for “Street Woman Fighter 2”, there was a question asking about the best compliment I received while working as a dancer. I wrote, ‘You are really being yourself when you dance’. While organizing letters from fans, I found a letter she (Lia Kim) wrote to me. That’s what she wrote.”

Source: Daum

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