“Doctor Cha” Myung Se Bin reveals secret to staying young and talks marriage plan

Actress Myung Se Bin revealed her secret to staying young.

In JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Cha“, which ended on June 4th, Myung Se Bin played Choi Seung Hee, Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul)’s affair partner who is a family medicine professor, and portrayed complex emotions convincingly. Myung Se Bin broke her “first love” image and succeeded in transforming into an adulterous character.

Myung Se Bin

Myung Se Bin made headlines by showing off her outstanding cooking skills on KBS’ entertainment show “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”. She said, “I’m looking for healthy food more and more. I have to develop my stamina to become an actress, so I’m working hard to improve my condition.” When asked if healthy food is her secret to staying young, Myung Se Bin explained, “I’m not picky about what I eat. Eating good food definitely soothes my skin. My skin is sensitive because it’s weak, but it’s getting better.

Myung Se Bin smilingly shared, “I can’t drink and smoke. If I drink while eating, I feel full and the food doesn’t taste good, so alcohol isn’t attractive to me. It’s hot after playing golf. At this time, I feel happy when I drink a glass of beer. When you become sentimental, you can create an atmosphere with wine and champagne. When filming is too hard, drinking a glass of beer makes me relaxed.”

Recently, on a variety show, she revealed that she went through an egg freezing procedure 10 years ago. She honestly expressed her thoughts on marriage, “I want to marry a good person. It’s late, but it’s not over.” Myung Se Bin divorced in 2008 after 5 months of marriage. However, she is unmarried on paper because she did not register her marriage.

Source: Daum

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