Comedian Lee Se Young delivered “visual status” after plastic surgery

Comedian Lee Se Young, who renewed her beauty after plastic surgery, delivered her recent status.

On August 29th, Lee Se Young posted a photo on her Instagram account with the caption “I’m editing and will upload it soon“.

In the photo, Lee Se Young was taking a selfie in the car.

Lee Se-young

As Lee Se Young underwent double eyelid surgery recently, her lines became bigger and clearer, and her eyelids were swollen.

Although the swelling has not yet subsided, it was reminiscent of a chic cat’s eyes, drawing attention.

As Lee Se Young heralded the upload, she is expected to share her plastic surgery review once again through the YouTube channel.

In the past, Lee Se Young confessed that she was hurt by malicious comments about her appearance, such as “Your eyes are 10:10“. “10:10” is a disparaging expression for a person with raised eyes.

Lee Se Young had double eyelid surgery to overcome her appearance complex, and was envied for revealing how quickly the swelling went down.

Afterwards, Lee Se Young confessed that the nose fillers spread and added, “I decided to have a nose surgery again. I want to remove all the fillers and save my natural nose bridge.”

Lee Se Young, who successfully completed double eyelid surgery and nose surgery, received keen attention by frequently posting daily photos through SNS.

Source: Insight

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