Roy Kim wrote “WE GO HIGH” for BTS Jungkook? Park Myung Soo mentions Jin, “He received 3000 messages a day”

Singer Roy Kim revealed himself as a fan of BTS member Jungkook, even wrote a song for the latter.

Roy Kim appeared on the June 26th broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show”.

roy kim

Here, Roy Kim revealed that he composed his new song “WE GO HIGH” for BTS Jungkook. The male singer confessed, “Since it’s summer, my company suggested that I release an exciting song. There’s a song I wrote when thinking about Jungkook. When I played it for the company, they said, ‘Sing it’, so I ended up releasing the song”.

Roy Kim, who is 4 years older than Jungkook, shared, “We haven’t met each other privately, but I have seen him at many public events”.

During Roy Kim’s live performance of “WE GO HIGH”, Park Myung Soo commented, “The song is refreshing. It’s chilly. Listening to the song, I feel like running on the sand and breathing in the fresh air at the beach”. He added, “I think it would suit Jungkook if he sang it? Would he sing the song if you gave it to him?”

roy kim

In response, Roy Kim said, “I have to check it once”, adding “Since Jungkook is also carrying out overseas activities, he must be receiving many songs from foreign composers. I really appreciated it when Jungkook sang my song in the past. That’s why I’m watching him with a grateful heart”, expressing affection towards Jungkook as a fan.

Park Myung Soo also mentioned BTS Jin, who is serving in the military. He shared, “Jin appeared on ‘Hal Myung Soo’ and we exchanged phone numbers. Jin told me, ‘Even if you call me, I might not be able to answer it’. He received 3000 messages in English every day. I realized that global stars are really on a different level”, surprising everyone.

He continued to praise Jin’s personality, saying “Coldplay and other global artists reached out to Jin but he thanked me and said, ‘Please understand even if I read your message late’”.

roy kim

Hearing that, Roy Kim confessed, “If you call me, I’ll pick up the phone in 1 second. I receive only 10 messages a day”. Park Myung Soo commented, “I was lying in bed the past few days and received no call at all”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Roy Kim also shared his thoughts on enlisting in the Marine Corps, saying, “Military service is not an easy thing to anyone no matter which unit you enter. I wanted to go to a place where people would appreciate my hardships when I’m discharged.”

He added “If there are people wearing Marine combat uniforms having a meal, I would buy them food. I found the seniors who left after paying the bills for juniors so cool.”

Source: Daum

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