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Hyo-yeon and Soyou reveal, “Kim Hee-chul’s name appeared on the floor for women during an idols’ overseas concert” 

Girls’ Generation Hyo-yeon and SISTAR Soyou will reveal a shocking story about Kim Hee-chul.

Hyo-yeon, Soyou and Hee-chul were revealed as guests for the next episode at the end of SBS’s entertainment program “Dolsing Fourmen” broadcast on June 28th.

In the released teaser, Hyo-yeon and Soyou were seen revealing Kim Hee-chul’s relationship with women, stimulating the viewers’ curiosity.

Hyoyeon Soyou

Soyou surprised the MC when she said, “When many idols do overseas concerts together, there are separate floors for women and men. Normally, we can easily check who stays on the floor for women… then I found Kim Hee-chul’s name there”. Hyo-yeon added, “There happened to be a woman named Kim Hee-chul on that floor”.

Confused by the sudden revelation, Kim Hee-chul stopped Soyou and Hyoyeon. He said, “This is crazy. If you tell everyone this story then I might have to retire.”

Hyoyeon Soyou

Lee Sang-min then asked Hyo-yeon, “Who do you fight or quarrel with the most among Girls’ Generation members?”. Hyoyeon replied, “I fought with Tae-yeon. Not to the extent of fighting with fists”, raising the fans’ curiosity about the behind-the-scenes story of the legendary girl group Girls’ Generation.

Meanwhile, the old Q&A posts made by Kim Hee-chul on his Cyworld Mini Homepage in the past were also released on the recording day. When the dark history of his old comment about his past life – “A thorn bush, you’ll get hurt if you touch it” was revealed, Kim Hee-chul reacted, “Please stop. I’m a crazy guy. I shouldn’t use SNS”, drawing laughter. 

Hyoyeon Soyou

“Dolsing Fourmen”, featuring Hyo-yeon, Soyou and Kim Hee-chul, will air at 11:10 p.m on July 5th. 

Source: Nate

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