Jennie’s dress in the solo teaser costs over $11,000, but its origin proves her top idol level

Netizens praised Jennie’s beauty in the teaser a lot. However, what shocked them most was the price of the dress she was sponsored by.

By the end of October, YG surprised the public by announcing Jennie‘s solo project. After that, the company also released teasers and new pictures of her new MV. In contrast to her previous girl crush image, the female rapper of BLACKPINK appeared beautifully, like a muse in pink tone. In particular, the photo of Jennie dressed in floral print, lying neatly next to the rose has driven many people crazy because of her irresistible charm.

Not only falling for the beauty of the female idol born in 1996, everyone also gaped at the price of her outfit. The stylish floral print dress from a streetstyle fashion brand costs $11,595.

According to the stylist of BLACKPINK, the dress that Jennie wore was sent to her by fashion brands. Mostly, those are luxury fashion brands selected by fashionistas as well as a series of A-class stars such as Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, etc. The fact that they sponsored Jennie proves that she is a big name in the world, showing her high class.

Netizens were extremely shocked at Jennie’s dress:

It’s not made from crocodile leather, why do they sell a $10,000 dress? It is impossible to understand luxury fashion brands.

It seems that they didn’t have to spend money on the dress, it was a sponsored one. I was a bit impressed with the brand that sponsored Jennie. “

The dress was actually sponsored. It is Jennie’s top (high) class.

It was a sponsored dress. However, she was so awesome to get the sponsorship like that.”

In recent times, Jennie has always been said to wear the ugliest outfit in the group, disappointing a lot of fans. However, Jennie’s getting big brands to sponsor costumes that cost thousands of dollars in the solo teaser once again confirmed her high class.

Source: ohman

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