“HYBE K-pop Destroyer” Trends as LE SSERAFIM Got Criticized for Coachella Performance 

Netizens and media outlets alike are calling HYBE a “K-pop destroyer” after the company’s artists constantly came under fire. 

After their performance at the music festival Coachella, LE SSERAFIM has faced constant criticisms for their poor live-singing skills, at the same time drawing attention to their previous “encore controversy”. 

Regarding this, the Korean media outlet DongA has condemned HYBE’s reaction to LE SSERAFIM’s constant skill controversies. According to this news site, HYBE only focuses on the “first” achievements of its artists, neglecting long-term growth and skill development. 

Additionally, DongA accused HYBE of “media-playing” with articles praising LE SSERAFIM, ignoring the “real reactions” of the public. 

On the other hand, the key words “HYBE K-pop Destroyer” has become a hot topic on China’s largest SNS platform Weibo, and Chinese netizens are expressing similar opinions. 

“Trainees under SM, YG, and JYP all have to experience an extremely tough training process in order to debut with acceptable skills. However, HYBE are constantly debuting idols lacking in skills and promoting them as ‘BTS’s juniors’. They are acting like a K-pop destroyer”, a netizens said. 

Many others also agree with the aforementioned statement, expressing frustrating that HYBE is focusing too much on the concept, music, and glamor, while completely turning their idols into “performers” with no training and underdeveloped skills. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Is HYBE a small company? Because it seems that they are completely unable to hire a decent vocal trainer
  • LE SSERAFIM’s performance at Coachella is simply.. Abysmal
  • HYBE are debuting idols who can barely sing… They are basically lip-syncing and dancing machines
  • HYBE is more focused on TikTok virality over anything else 
  • It’s hard to imagine a company that once debuted BTS – a self-producing group that broke the idol stigma, now turning to exactly what it fought against…

Source: X, Weibo, VKR

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