Kwon Sang-woo, overcoming family discord with Son Tae-young… “I think he can drink and smoke”

Actress Park Jin-joo shared her feelings about working with Kwon Sang-woo.

On the August 27th broadcast of tvN’s entertainment show “Amazing Saturday“, Kwon Sang-woo and Park Jin-joo, who star in wavve’s drama “X in Crisis”, appeared as guests.

On this day, MC Boom asked, “What kind of drama is ‘X in Crisis’?” Kwon Sang-woo introduced, “It is a very realistic sympathetic drama in which an elite who was very successful collapses.” Park Jin-joo said, “My character accumulates money tenaciously as she dreams of becoming a FIRE (financial independence retire early).”

Shin Dong-yup asked, “Is there any office romance in the drama?” Park Jin-joo replied, “No, not at all.” Shin Dong-yup made everyone laugh as he said, “I wish there could be a little romance in Jin-joo’s work.”

Park Jin-joo said, “Kwon Sang-woo was really like a legendary figure.” Kwon Sang-woo denied, “I’m not old enough to hear that.” Park Jin-joo caused laughter by saying, “Somehow I think he’ll use his fists, drink and smoke, but he’s really clean.”

Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Dong-hyun are high school alumni. Kim Dong-hyun shared, “I heard that Kwon Sang-woo studied art in Daejeon and even became a trainee teacher. He’s handsome and also studied well.”

Kwon Sang-woo confessed, “My older brother is a teacher, and I did teaching practice at my brother’s school. It was after ‘My Tutor Friend’ and I was very popular back then. There were many girls’ middle schools and girls’ high schools near my brother’s school. On the way to school, students with perilla leaf hair blocked all the cars carrying lightsticks. So I went to work in the trunk and crossed the school wall to go home.”

The snack game on this day was conducted as “Doppelganger Quiz – Actor” for banoffee pies. Kwon Sang-woo was especially weak in the snack game. And then came a question for him. It was to match the titles of the two works starring his wife Son Tae-young.

He first recognized Son Tae-young in “Iljimae” at once. He said, “I know well because she appeared in this work after getting married to me.” However, it was not easy to match the splendidly decorated historical drama next to “Iljimae”, and only later did he shout “Yeon Gaesomun”.

“Amazing Saturday” panelists breathed a sigh of relief and applauded, “You overcame family discord.” After tasting the snack, Kwon Sang-woo expressed affection towards his wife Son Tae-young, “It’s a taste I want to take home for her.”

Source: daum

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