Korean netizens are divided about TWICE’s lack of individual promotions: The members can’t or don’t want to go solo?

The direction of TWICE’s activities is clearly different from that of most idol groups in Kpop, especially those that have worked in the industry for a long time.

One of the things that sets TWICE apart from the rest of K-pop is their direction in promotions that always puts group activities first. Up to now, TWICE has debuted for 6 years and will soon reach the time when they have to negotiate and consider renewing the contract with JYP.  However, compared to other famous groups of the same generation, it is noticeable that the JYP girl group’s career is still lacking individual activities in different fields.


When placed next to two other popular girl groups that are often compared with them, Red Velvet and BLACKPINK, netizens see even more clearly how little TWICE members’ solo activities are. Red Velvet debuted in 2014, which is only a year before TWICE, but now there are already 2 members who released solo albums, 2 members who formed a sub-unit and 3 members who started their acting careers. As for BLACKPINK, despite debuting after TWICE, 3 out of 4 members debuted as soloists, while the other is also actively promoting as an actress. Meanwhile, not only does TWICE have no member who went solo, engaged in acting activities or debuted in a sub-unit, but the public also rarely sees the girls sing individual OSTs or collaborate with other artists. The first OST in TWICE‘s career for a Korean drama is also a group song (“I Love You More Than Anyone”, from the soundtrack of “Hospital Playlist 2”).

In fact, the issue of the lack of solo and sub-unit activities was also discussed when TWICE guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” last year. On the show, Jihyo shared that solo or sub-unit promotions can make the members neglect their activities as a whole group. Jihyo expressed that she wanted the group to promote under the name TWICE for a long time. Regarding this matter, the other members also said they agree with leader Jihyo.

What was shared by TWICE at that time made fans believe that the real reason why the JYP girl group lacked solo activities was because the members did not want to go solo yet to focus on group promotions. However, recently, this topic, after being brought up once again on an online community in Korea, caused Korean netizens to have divided opinions. Many netizens think that there is no reason for TWICE members to go solo while they are doing well and earning a lot of money from group activities. On the other hand, there are also many comments claiming that TWICE members themselves cannot pull off solo activities because no member is capable of succeeding individually, without the support of others. 

Korean netizens are divided about TWICE’s lack of individual promotions: The members can’t or don’t want to go solo?
  • Isn’t it because of their lack of skills that they can’t have solo activities? Is there any TWICE member who is likely to succeed if they go solo?
  • The group is doing a great job together so there’s no reason for them to separate and promote on their own
  • TWICE’s teamwork is amazing, so not doing solo activities also comes from the members’ will. TWICE may have solo or sub-unit promotions later, when they’re no longer considered one of the top girl groups as they are now. TWICE members will definitely stay together for a long time anyway.
  • To be honest, is there any member of TWICE who is capable of succeeding individually? Solo albums, acting, variety, all seem difficult for them. Japanese members like Sana or Mina might be able to compete if they switch to acting in Japan. 
  • Who in TWICE can go solo though? Who in TWICE can become an actress? Who in TWICE is good enough to appear on variety shows?
  • JYP won’t let lacking artists have solo activities
  • The reason why JYP doesn’t let TWICE have solo promotions is because of Miss A. Suzy was so successful with her solo activities that Miss A was labeled “Suzy and friends” even though the group themselves did a good job. JYP didn’t want TWICE to be the second Miss A, so from the beginning, they only focused on group promotions.
  • But it’s also good not to do solo activities like TWICE. Thanks to that, the fandom is always united and not divided by solo achievements like BLACKPINK’s fans

TWICE recently made a comeback with their 3rd full album “Formula of Love: O + T = <3” and is currently promoting the title track “SCIENTIST” on weekly music shows.

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